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2011 NCAA Football Preview

2011 NCAA Football Preview

1. Alabama

2. Boise State

3. Stanford

4. Oklahoma

5. Oregon

6. Virginia Tech

7. Nebraska

8. Wisconsin

9. South Carolina

10. Notre Dame

11. Ohio State

12. Florida State

13. LSU

14. TCU

15. Iowa

16. Texas A&M

17. Miami

18. West Virginia

19. Arizona State

20. Oklahoma State

21. Arkansas

22. Michigan State

23. Houston

24. Nevada

25. Georgia



BCS National Championship: Alabama vs. Boise State

Rose Bowl: Nebraska vs. Stanford

Sugar Bowl: South Carolina vs. Oregon

Orange Bowl: Virginia Tech vs. Wisconsin

Fiesta Bowl: West Virginia vs. Oklahoma

*All one has to do is look at Alabma's team when healthy last year. That small sample size would show early-season dominance and a mauling of then 11-1 Michigan State in the Capital One Bowl. With 16 players returning (9 on that vaunted defense), a BCS bowl is in the bag and the BCS is only an undefeated season away. 

Conference Championships:

SEC: Alabama over South Carolina

Big 10: Nebraska over Wisconsin

Pac-12: Stanford over Arizona State

ACC: Virginia Tech over Florida State

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2010-11 NCAA Football Preview

Without further ado, here is my NCAA Football Preview for the 2010-11 season. While most other experts jump on the Alabama bandwagon predicting a repeat, I'll go a different route and look to a team that, like it or not, continuously gets batter and better and should run the table -- the Ohio State Buckeyes.

I see just two teams running the table this year and those teams will square off for the championship on January 10 (Yeah, for whatever reason, we should expect to see the title game played after the Super Bowl in a few years at this rate of pushing the game further and further back!!!).

Anyway, here is my Top 25 (how I see the regular season ending) as well as my BCS Bowl Predictions. Enjoy!

2010-11 College Football Preview

1. Ohio State

2. Boise State

3. Nebraska

4. Alabama

5. Oregon

6. Wisconsin

7. Virginia Tech

8. Georgia

9. Texas

10. Oklahoma

11. TCU

12. Miami (Fla.)

13. Pittsburgh

14. Florida

15. Notre Dame

16. Iowa

17. Florida State

18. Utah

19. Arizona

20. USC

21. North Carolina

22. LSU

23. Oregon State

24. Penn State

25. Michigan State



BCS Title Game: Ohio State vs. Boise State

Rose Bowl: Wisconsin vs. Oregon

Sugar Bowl: Alabama vs. Pittsburgh

Fiesta Bowl: Nebraska vs. Georgia

Orange Bowl: Virginia Tech vs. Texas



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